Sustainable Business, Sustainable Success

At BEST, sustainability and sustainable success are key components of our mission, vision, and core values. Our dedication to creating a sustainable Earth and being conscious of our carbon footprint has allowed us to generate a unique service that is seldom offered.

Environmental Sustainability Program

Through our environmental sustainability program, BEST has developed policies, procedures, and best practices for all BEST divisions to follow. BEST Shredding focuses on the following initiatives and environmental efforts:

  • Developing business partnerships with environmentally-focused organizations.
  • Supporting businesses that have an environmental sustainability plan.
  • Choosing practical and fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Purchasing uniforms and supplies that are made through eco-friendly methods.
  • Purchasing equipment that is “Energy Star” rated.
  • Recycling all shredded paper. For every tonne of paper that we shred and recycle, 17 trees are saved and 5 cubic yards of space in landfills is freed.

Offsetters Carbon Neutral Certification

Today, BEST Shredding is one of the only companies in Canada with a climate strategy that leads to a zero carbon footprint. BEST believes that it is important to take steps to ensure that the services we provide have minimal impact on the environment. We believe in providing green services to all of our customers. As a company, we have been committed to measuring and offsetting our carbon footprint since 2009. Being Carbon Neutral Certified helps BEST to fulfill our commitment to the environment, and allows us to be environmental leaders within our industries.

Community Shredding Events

At BEST, we created Community Shredding Events with the intention of creating a strong and sustainable community while increasing information security. Through bringing people together and encouraging community participation, we can build a strong and sustainable community.