Growing Our Communities

As a leading facility services provider in Western Canada, we place significant importance on our social and environmental strategies. We believe it is our obligation to support and advance the communities in which we operate. The importance of providing sustainable solutions is woven into the fabric of our company, it is emphasized at every level, from our leadership team to our frontline staff.

Community Events

Community Shredding Events were designed by BEST Shredding to increase the information security of your community members, bring people together, and encourage community participation. You choose the location of your event and we can provide a shredding truck and a technician for a few hours or even for a full day. We work with you to create a great event by offering a marketing consultation and affordable rates. For more information on the community shredding process or how to host one, call 1-855 GET BEST (438-2378).


The following are some of the charities and associations that we are passionate about, and support as a company.