In order to provide a level of service that goes above and beyond the industry standard and our competitors, BEST Shredding has partnered with industry associations.  This has allowed us to provide quality and secure service to our clients.

Naid AAA Certified

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is an association and advocate for the information protection and destruction industry. NAID specialized in document destruction companies throughout Western Canada and ensures that these companies are abiding by provincial and federal privacy laws. Through education, professional development, advocacy and community, NAID Canada plays an active role in law implementation and the industry standards.

BEST Shredding currently host the AAA level of NAID Certification. With the AAA Certification, BEST Shredding is audited through an information destruction program recognized within private  as well as government institutions. NAID audits BEST Shredding through unannounced audits that ensure we are meeting the strict AAA guidelines. These guidelines include items such as security, plant-based services, policies and media destruction services.

This high level of security allows BEST Shredding to provide services to clients that are confident that their information is carefully protected and destroyed without the risks associated with data breaches that can arise from improper destruction.

Carbon Neutral Certified

BEST Shredding believes that recycling all of the paper that we shred is a very important part of the document destruction process. To take our environmental efforts another step forward, BEST Shredding works to take all measures necessary to protect our environment and the communities we live in. BEST Shredding currently has a comprehensive climate strategy that ensures that we are environmentally focused and currently holding a zero carbon footprint. Our Carbon Neutral Certification was made possible through the partnership with Offsetters.  The leading carbon management solution provider in North America, Offsetters worked closely with BEST in order to help us recognize our impact on the environment. BEST Shredding took this information and looked for creative ways to decrease our impact while working within our communities to contribute to projects that reduce emissions. We continually monitor our environmental efforts and output of carbon dioxide through Offsetters audits.

We are proud to be contributing to our communities while making a positive impact on our environment.

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