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The Truth About Dumpster Diving

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Although you may notice it happening on a regular basis, dumpster diving when the individuals have the wrong intentions can be quite harmful. For example, last week in Texas two women were caught dumpster diving near multiple hotels. When they were caught they had files containing nearly 100 names, credit card numbers, and other personal information.

This case was a …


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Over 4 Million Lost Within 6 Months From Identity Theft

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When someones identity is stolen it has proven to cause more than just a headache. Many residents in Canada have been in debt upwards of $20,000 because someone got a hold of their important information. According to Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, from January to June 2014 there were $4,622,869.00 in losses due to identity theft in Canada. …


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Do You Trust Your Service Providers?

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Although it is the service provider’s job to protect personal and confidential information it seems that when there is a data breach or documents are n0t securely destroyed, the people who are paying the most for that are the customers. Even if these instances are rare for businesses, improper document destruction happens each day leading to identity theft and confidential …


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The Importance of Destructing Media

We view car insurance as a need for anyone operating a vehicle in Canada.  If you didn’t have it, you may end up in a lot of trouble financially and legally.  It’s a no brainer!
So why do we take the risk with the security of our data.  This mistake proved devastating for patients of University Hospitals in Cleveland when …


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