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The InSHREDable Food Drive

A big thank you to everyone that came out to the InSHREDable food drive on September 22, in support of the Goldstream Food Bank. In total we shredded over 1,100 pounds of paper and helped raise $360 and 300 pounds of food.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the event and helped out the Food bank. We look forward …


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Spring Cleaning – What to Keep, Shred, or Throwaway

Most everyone has “that place” in their house.

Whether it’s a room, a filing cabinet or – let’s be honest here –  your kitchen counter, it’s where the detritus of a year’s worth of mail goes on to live in perpetuity.

Knowing what to keep and what to toss can be a stressful question for many consumers, especially when we’re talking about …


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It’s Happened Again!! – Medical records found on Calgary street

Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner is investigating after detailed medical records were found on a Calgary street.

Information contained in the files includes names, birth dates, and surgical procedures.

The privacy commissioner’s office says there have been several instances of confidential records being misplaced, citing one example of some being found in a dumpster behind a hospital.

This case, just …


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Safeguarding Your Company’s Brand Image

Concerns are being raised after employment records were apparently improperly disposed of in Edmonton. Global News investigates the improper disposal of personal files by former Shark Club and Dante’s owner, which were containing names, addresses, social insurance numbers, and earnings of former employees. Everything in which an identity thief needs to steal someone’s identity.

No company is impervious to the …


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Man Arrested for Improper Disposal of Confidential Documents

A man was arrested in Hawaii as a result of the improper disposal of patient records from a closed eating-disorder clinic he purchased but never reopened.

According to the report, Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) pursued the case.  The report also makes clear that the man was arrested for making false claims about …


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