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Spring Cleaning – What to Keep, Shred, or Throwaway

Most everyone has “that place” in their house.

Whether it’s a room, a filing cabinet or – let’s be honest here –  your kitchen counter, it’s where the detritus of a year’s worth of mail goes on to live in perpetuity.

Knowing what to keep and what to toss can be a stressful question for many consumers, especially when we’re talking about …


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Man Arrested for Improper Disposal of Confidential Documents

A man was arrested in Hawaii as a result of the improper disposal of patient records from a closed eating-disorder clinic he purchased but never reopened.

According to the report, Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) pursued the case.  The report also makes clear that the man was arrested for making false claims about …


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Confidential Documents Found in Dumpster

A local news station in the United States found confidential documents with customer information in the dumpster behind the companies office. Don’t let this happen to you company by taking the necessary steps to safeguard against a privacy breach. Not only is it damaging to your company’s reputation and customer base but it could have potential devastating affects to your …


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BEST Shredding Saves Over 7,400 Trees

Since October 2010 BEST Shredding Vancouver and BEST Shredding Calgary have recycled 435.6 tons of paper!!!! That amounts to over 7,400 trees saved through our recycling efforts.

We want to thank all of our loyal clients for knowing the importance in not only safeguarding their documents but recycling them as well!!

Keep up to date with BEST Shredding …


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How You Can ‘Offset’ The Games

Being a partner of Offsetters, Canada’s leading provider of quality solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to reduce their climate impact, means Best Shredding is committed to being a Carbon Neutral Organization. A few things Best Shredding has done to become Carbon Neutral is purchase fuel efficient vehicles, and use energy efficient equipment.

You too can help play an …


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  • “We switched from another shredding services provider due to the fact that Best Shredding provided lockable destruction bins and on-site shredding at competitive rates. Using Best Shredding for our secure shredding requirements was a no brainer.” – Vancouver Island Shredding Customer

  • “For years we have used another large company in the market and thought we were getting the best of what was out there.  After making the switch, we were amazing at what we had been missing.” – Vancouver Shredding Customer

  • “Your professional approach from the initial consultation process to the service by your rep has been professional at every turn.” – Vancouver Shredding Customer

  • “We has used a standard office shredding for years prior to beginning service with you and the service has definitely increased efficiency in our office and freed up several employees time that used to have to shred the documentation themselves.” – Vancouver Shredding Customer

  • “I would like to thank both your sales and service team for their unparalleled service that you have provided us. I have been impressed with every aspect of your business thus far, but what has most impressed us has been the punctuality of the service.” – Calgary Shredding Customer